The Best Exhaust System on the Market? We think it's Redback Extreme Duty

Date Posted: 17 June 2021 

The Best Exhaust System on the Market? We think it's Redback Extreme Duty

We would like to talk to you about why we think Redback Extreme Duty exhaust systems are one of the best exhausts on the Australian market.

We mean it when we say the new range of Redback 4x4 Extreme Duty exhaust systems are built to last and perform. As Aussies we all rely on our 4x4s whether they are everyday run about vehicles or our prized possessions that we pour all our time and weekends into! So Redback saw the pride and joy that we have in this market and has engineered this exhaust system for a range of makes and models that will go the distance in harsh Australian conditions.

Today, Redback is one of the few 4x4 exhaust system brands manufactured by a truly Australian company, these exhaust systems are come straight out of the factory in Melbourne. The first-class components, materials, and engineering, ensures every Redback 4x4 Extreme Duty exhaust system works seamlessly with the model for which it has been engineered. The systems go far beyond other 4WD aftermarket exhausts, to give you premium quality and enhanced performance and durability. Then to back it all up they offer an industry-first ten-year warranty. This right here is something that stands out to us as not many companies back their product so much that they will give a 10-year safeguard.

Just some of the incredible features that far outshine other exhaust systems are:

The Best Exhaust System on the Market? We think it's Redback Extreme Duty

A re-engineering of the original system which takes into account aftermarket accessories like long range fuel tanks, side steps, and other accessories and installing these accessories before development has pretty much eliminated all fitment issues.

The sound produced by different makes and models of high performance mufflers can differ greatly and the type of vehicle you've got will play a part in deciding which muffler will suit your vehicle's appearance and performance. Keep in mind that a muffler's main purpose is to reduce the noise that the engine creates. The internal combustion inside the engine creates exhaust gasses that are expelled as high-pressure pulses which produce powerful sound waves. Your muffler is designed to reduce the noise that's produced and bring the sound down to a tolerable level. The individual muffler that you decide upon will dictate how much of this sound you hear.

To finish off, if you’re looking for a system that's just about bulletproof and a breeze to install with a 10-year warranty then this is the system for you. We have received hundreds of reviews on just how happy customers are with durability of Redback Exhausts and how the fitment of them goes so smoothly. You most definitely will not be disappointed.

To chat about why Redback Exhaust reviews as one of the best, or to talk about your options or advice on what would best suit your vehicle needs please contact us.

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