The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for your car-obsessed partner!

Date Posted: 11 March 2022 

The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for your car-obsessed partner!

Car buffs are inherently extremely fussy about their tastes, so buying gifts for them can be challenging, especially if you're not obsessed with vehicles and everything that goes along with them. If their birthday, anniversary or even Christmas is approaching, now is the time to go through our list and grab a fantastic deal on awesome gifts for your car obsessed partner. When it comes to making a purchase, we have you covered if you are unsure what to get! From handy car accessories to full on exhaust revamps. We selected our top picks that are guaranteed to impress car enthusiasts of all ages. We are also available to give advice and make sure the gift suits the make and model of your partners car!

These products range from gadgets that will improve their car and driving experience to the next level exhaust systems that will allow them to show off their cars.


The iDRIVE accelerator cable is an incredible device which controls the throttle of the vehicle. Using this technology, a sensor evaluates the pressure and location of the pedals and sends a signal to the vehicle's engine computer, which converts the data into acceleration. This feature distinguishes itself by being an automatic control function that modifies throttle performance in response to pedal pressure.

All we can say about the iDRIVE throttle controller is prepare for your partner to be very pleasantly surprised, once they plug this beauty in, they will be shocked with the incredible throttle response time! Automatically feeling like the car has way more power. This small electronic unit decreases the occasional throttle lag you feel when you depress the accelerator pedal by increasing the throttle sensitivity and responsiveness.

The iDRIVE controller features four driving modes and twenty adjustable settings, ensuring there is the perfect throttle response for any driving style or situation. For just $245.00 this is one of our favourite picks!


VE & VF Tail Pipes

If your partner owns a V8 and can’t hear the lion roar – what is the point of them having it!

The VE/VF V8 have an extremely restrictive Exhaust System for the big 6.0/6.2L LS engine they have under the bonnet – so that is why we have designed the Rear Muffler deletes. The Rear Muffler deletes come in a number of noise level options including our popular drone eliminating J-Pipe version.

View the many performace exhaust options we have available for your partners pride & joy today. Any questions? Give us a call today and we will help you with the perfect option.


Redback 4x4 Exhaust System

Our Redback 4X4 Exhaust Systems are unbeatable, they would be on every car enthusiast’s wish list put it that way!! With so many different options we are available to chat about the best options for your partners car at any time! See below just some of the great benefits of choosing Redback Extreme Duty for your car. Your partner will be way to excited about the brand-new sound of their car!

Redback extreme duty features


The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for your car-obsessed partner!

Heavy Duty RAW 4X4 Lift Kits

This is a superb choice for a keen four wheel driver! Not only does it lift the car, making it look much better it clears the underbody of the car from hitting anything when ascending and descending certain angles. This gift would blow your partner’s mind!  Our amazing quality RAW 4x4 lift kits come with a two year warranty and a guarantee to bring a smile to your partners face.  On the more expensive end of gifts, they are most definitely worth the investment. Call our team today to discuss the best options for the vehicle.


Now it's time to choose the right gift and make the holidays and birthdays memorable for everyone.

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