QFM Brake Pads


QFM Brake Pads - Three Decades of Quality

‘Stop on a dime’ doesn’t have to just be a figure of speech. VE Online is a proud stockist of products from QFM, who have been providing vehicles across the country with quality aftermarket braking parts for nearly thirty years. Our company offers a selection of their products for cars, trucks and SUVs both old and new.

QFM brake pads are made in Australia to some of the most demanding specifications in industry, and are designed to fit a variety of vehicles of all vintages. Designed for a variety of applications including passenger vehicles, four-wheel drives, taxis and even performance vehicles, these products are made of high quality materials and are designed to increase vehicle safety and longevity.

Offered for both late model and older cars of all make and style, the range of braking products at VE Online are an excellent choice for any vehicle in any fleet. Whether it’s for your daily commute, your Sunday drive or your yearly road-trip, you’ll be impressed by the durability, performance and cost-effectiveness of these products. Make an investment in the life of your car and the safety of you and your passengers with QFM brake pads.

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Since 1976, VE Online has made it easier than ever for car enthusiasts and amateur mechanics to get the parts, equipment, materials and tools they need to get the perfect drive. Everything from brakes to exhaust is right here. Offering products compatible with cars older than our company name, everyone from the devoted classic car restorer to the keen mechanic looking to squeeze out a bit more power can find a home. With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to help you locate and purchase the highest quality HPX pads for your vehicle. Then, we will deliver them to your door in Australia.

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Order from our complete catalogue online today, or get in touch with any questions. Reach our Orange, NSW office by calling 02 6362 5900 or sending an email to sales@veonline.com.au. Shipping Australia-wide, our goal is always your complete satisfaction.