Best Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrade? What is the Best Aftermarket Muffler Upgrade?

Date Posted: 6 July 2021 

Best Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrade? What is the Best Aftermarket Muffler Upgrade?

Are you wondering what the best aftermarket exhaust is? Or what is the best muffler upgrade? Read on!

XForce exhausts are becoming an increasingly common point of conversation between consumers on the hunt for an aftermarket upgrade to their existing exhaust system, so we thought we would give you our opinion.

VE Online has been stocking and selling XForce exhausts now for many years, we have watched the quality of the product improve dramatically as it has been locally researched and custom developed here in Australia. We have also had the experience of fitting many of the systems in our workshop and the ease of fitment never fails to disappoint. We always like to fit and hear the products we are selling, to be able to give our true honest opinion on just how the automotive parts will enhance your vehicle.

XForce is becoming more and more recognised in the automotive industry, as its philosophy of providing awesome quality performance exhausts whilst also keeping in mind the consumers budget become increasingly attractive. X-Force exhausts are somewhat louder that your standard exhaust when idling but they produce a nice low growl when accelerating. This is achieved by the use of a high-grade mandrel bent tubing and a larger diameter exhaust pipes for a more laminar flow.

XForce has exhaust upgrades for a huge range of vehicle makes including:

Best Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrade? What is the Best Aftermarket Muffler Upgrade?

Flexibility is a key factor when you are searching for the right exhaust. As what we might think sounds right you might not rate and just not feel it suits your car, or maybe you just wish that you had something that was quiet when pulling up the drive, but loud when out on the open road. That is where XForce has all bases covered, they really do understand our need for flexibility. 

XForce have developed the market first Varex mufflers where they have used technology to combine both the design of the stock muffler and the performance muffler into one single compact unit. An incredible butterfly valve mechanism is used to redirect the exhaust flow and vary between the two. For higher sound level, the exhaust flows are directed through the opening path and produce maximum power with a hearty sound level and near-zero resistance.

Varex SmartBox is also a great extra, an optional control device with patent-pending technology that lets you manually or automatically adjust the exhaust sound level of your Varex exhaust via your phone. The app is easy to download and use, how can you not be impressed with changing how your vehicle sounds whilst sitting right inside it.

From XForce Varex, XForce Exhaust Tips to bolt-on solutions tailored for individual makes and models to custom adjustable solutions and weldable universal systems, there is a product for everyone. Fabricated entirely from stainless steel either 304 or 409 and offered at competitive prices and with a guarantee that you will always get the best, you can trust XForce aftermarket mufflers and exhaust systems for quality parts every time.

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