Protect Your 4WD With Diesel Dog

Date Posted: 11 October 2021 

Protect Your 4WD With Diesel Dog

All 4WDs have a primary fuel filter in them. They’re usually under the bonnet and should be replaced at most services as they have a water trap to catch water, a sensor to detect any water.

As far a primary fuel filters filtering ability is concerned, is usually around the 10 to 12-micron mark but not exclusively greater than 10 and sometimes as small as 5-microns. So they will filter out exceptionally small particulates and debris.

Now, you might be wondering "Why do I need a secondary fuel filter?"

What all of us who have a 4WD should still be worried about is that particles as small as 2-5-microns diameter can cause serious issues in the fuel system of newer common-rail diesel engines. This is where secondary fuel filters come in to help us protect our engines.

What aftermarket fuel filter options are available to help ensure we’re getting the cleanest fuel into the engine as we can?

One of our favourites to work with is Diesel Dog Secondary Fuel Filters, these systems function at extraordinarily high pressure, very close tolerances, and are extremely affordable. The addition of this final fuel filter can further protect your fuel system and ensure the fuel quality is top notch.

Additional protection in the form of a secondary fuel filter is a small price to pay to prevent expensive injector and fuel pump damage. A high-class final fuel filter like a Diesel Dog is essential for allowing optimal performance in a vehicle’s engine. It prevents debris from getting into the engine and damaging its internal components. It also guarantees that the fuel delivery system supplies the optimal level of fuel quality. Fuel contamination is possible when a few drops of water mix with diesel fuel, and yes, a primary fuel filter can counter this impurity. Nevertheless, optimal fuel quality is not achieved by the primary filters alone. The Diesel Dog secondary fuel filter ensures that the fuel that powers your vehicle is always free from contaminants.

Does the secondary fuel filter go before or after the factory filter?

The Diesel Dog kit is set up after the factory filter as a final filter. This is to ensure everything missed by the factory filter is caught by this secondary filter before it can do any damage.

Can I fit an additional fuel filter myself?

Yes! The Diesel Dog kit comes complete with filter unit, vehicle specific stainless steel mounting bracket and all fuel hose clamps and hardware required to install. Detailed fitting instructions with colour pictures make it extremely straightforward to fit.

How often do I change the final fuel filter?

Simply change the final filter when the factory filter is changed.

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