A very handy suspension guide and why it's important to make the right choice for your vehicle

Date Posted: 11 March 2022 

A very handy suspension guide and why it's important to make the right choice for your vehicle

The car's suspension is in charge of smoothing out the ride and keeping the car in control. The suspension system, in particular, increases the friction between the tyres and the road to give steering stability and decent handling. The suspension system also provides passengers with comfort by reducing the influence of specific road conditions. These settings are critical for passenger safety during driving phases, including braking, cornering, and traction.

The chassis, which holds the car's cab, is one of several components that make up the suspension. The springs support the vehicle's weight to absorb and minimize excess energy from road shocks along with the shock absorbers and struts. Finally, the anti-sway bar redirects wheel movement and stabilizes the vehicle.

A properly functioning suspension system is essential for your vehicle's stability and driver control since worn suspension components can reduce vehicle stability and driver control while also accelerating wear on other suspension system components. It is important to replace damaged or inadequate shocks and struts to help maintain correct ride control by ensuring that they are in proper working order.

Nevertheless, before you purchase or replace your suspension system, here's everything you should know to make the best decision for your vehicle.

What do springs do on a car?

Springs also known as suspension springs are made with wide gap coils that compress to absorb impact when tyres roll over rough terrain. The springs in your vehicle’s suspension system work with your struts and shock, which support the springs together, and shocks work with springs to stop your car from bouncing up and down forever. Today springing systems are based on one of four basic designs which are:

  • Coil Springs - the most common type of spring, it compresses and expands to absorb the motion of the wheels. 
  • Leaf Springs - it consists of several layers of metal, it is often used today on most trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. 
  • Torsion Bars - use the twisting properties of a steel bar to provide coil-springs-like performance. 
  • Air Springs - consists of a cylindrical chamber located between the axle and the car's body that absorbs wheel vibrations mainly through the compressive properties of air.

Why do cars need shock and struts?

Shocks and struts assist in stabilizing the movements of your vehicle, allowing you to maintain greater control whether you turn, halt, accelerate, or travel over uneven road surfaces. Shock absorbers, struts, or a combination of the two are used in today's vehicles. The terms shocks and struts are often used interchangeably, but they are two completely different components critical to your car's overall stability and safety.

What are the important things in choosing a 4x4 suspension kit? 

Car handling, comfort while driving, and overall performance are all influenced by the suspension system in your vehicle. Making the effort to select a suspension system that is compatible with your vehicle might also have an impact Here are a few examples that may assist you in determining which system will provide you with the best results:

  • Weight Capacity - The weight of the suspension is one of the most significant variables to consider; if you anticipate having to carry a large amount of weight, you will require a suspension that is firmly planted on the ground and has the appropriate weight distribution.
  • 4WD Flex - Following the determination of your vehicle's weight capacity, the next consideration is the 4WD flex. Flex decides whether your tires are planted on the ground (which impacts traction) or whether your tires are lifted off the ground (which increases stability).
  • Comfort - The primary purpose in selecting the proper suspension is to increase comfort for both you and your guests on the journey. You should also make it a priority and ensure that you choose a kit that will provide comfort because it will make your visits more pleasurable and delightful.
  • Durability - Consider a suspension that will allow you to withstand a pounding and other hardships. The terrain you travel on and the activities you engage in on a regular basis determine the durability of your vehicle. It's important to remember that getting a cheaper alternative does not always imply receiving a better deal.
  • Terrain - As previously said, the terrain plays a significant part in determining the sort of suspension you should use. In contrast, if you intend to torture your vehicle by driving it down the most treacherous of tracks, installing a heavy-duty suspension system is a wise investment.
A very handy suspension guide and why it's important to make the right choice for your vehicle

How Do Lift Kits Work?

4×4 lift kits lift your suspension and help you get the height you need to tackle anything rough terrain can throw at you. Not only do they have the benefit of extra inches of ground clearance, they also make your pride and joy look a heck of a lot better being lifted up.

Various types of lift kits can provide anywhere from 2 inches all the way to 5 inches of lift. We usually recommend staying on the lower side of this, to keep within legal limits. The legal limits usually depend on the size of your tyres.

Australia is one place where a lift kit is ultimately extremely useful, with our harsh unforgiving terrain.

When it comes to tailoring a lift kit best suited to your needs, we take into account whether or not the vehicle has been fitted with a bull bar, the rear load requirements — be it light, medium or heavy.

Rear load rating can vary dramatically, depending on what luggage, material or recovery gear is intended to be carried in the cargo area.

If you’ve got a drawer system, long-range fuel tank, twin wheel carrier or even a steel rear step type bumper is fitted, we ensure you receive a kit that suits your needs.

Getting professional advice when selecting a proper 4x4 suspension kit is recommended. Please give us a call today and we can help you with what would be the best option for you. If you want to go with a customised kit, we have all the options such as King Springs, RAW 4X4, and Drivetech 4X4.

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